Meet the Team

Ashley Osmond


Ashley is a seasoned recruiter with over 15 years of experience in full-lifecycle recruitment, primarily focusing on technology. Often the first recruiter brought in to help with building out processes, filling open positions (from start to offer), and helping with employer branding. She has over five years of experience working in-house with companies such as, Fonoa, and Yavica, holding roles from Senior Recruiter to Head of Talent and Recruitment. She also has more than ten years of experience on the agency side with companies such as SThree, Enterprise Select, SRA, and Inkwell.

Ashley has vast experience filling roles across Technology and Engineering as well as Marketing, Product, Customer Success, Data Analyst, Financial Analyst, Tax, HR Professionals, Attorney’s, and the list goes on. She has proven experience designing, building, and executing hiring processes across the company that reduce cost and time and attract top talent.

Ashley is extremely passionate about growing successful teams and helping companies exceed goals by having the best people in place. She enjoys coming up with creative ways to approach the market and believes in the power of networking. She prides herself on getting future employees excited about opportunities and the mission and vision of the company. Ashley is also a freelance published writer, a single mom to a vivacious toddler, and a dedicated athlete.

Nathaniel Benissan


Having been within the recruitment industry for 8+ years, Nathaniel has gained experience across a variety of Talent Acquisition functions. From externally supporting clients as an agency/executive search recruiter to working and gaining experience within an RPO setting at Talentful. He also holds experience in being the dedicated Go-To-Market recruiter within an in-house capacity for early-stage SaaS vendors such as Zoovu, Eigen Technologies, and most recently, Fonoa.

When it comes to talent attraction and acquisition across Go-To-Market hires, Nathaniel is our expert having partnered with companies from Seed stage to Series D and helping them hire individuals who will level up increase revenue for their organisation. This experience covers the hiring of individual contributors of all levels, to management and the Executive suite. Nathaniel has a thorough understanding of the ever-evolving SaaS landscape, Go-To-Market talent strategies, and how best to position yourself in a competitive market.

With a passion for collaboration, the experience of all candidates and hiring managers, employer branding, diversity, and building relationships with every person he makes contact with, he has an approach that allows him to get to the core of why a company would be the right fit for a candidate and why a candidate would be the right for a company.

Neha Pandit


Neha has over a decade of experience within Talent acquisition. Her last 5 years have been scaling early stage Fintech businesses growing their engineering and product teams from scratch. Her speciality is working closely with the co founders and leadership to build out the overall hiring strategy, sourcing plan, employer branding, interviewer training, offers and onboarding.

Over last couple of years she has build talent strategies for companies such as Bloomberg,, Paddle and Fonoa where she hired for software development, site reliability, product design, product management while also leading and scaling the talent function. She likes being data driven and engages leadership to make decisions backed by data and running multiple hiring processes with effective project management strategies.

Her passion lies in coaching founders on cultural nuances when hiring in different locations – being able to take them on a journey of what hiring for diversity and inclusion actually means and translating that to reflect in the inclusive recruitment processes and eventual hires.

In her spare time she likes to read, bake and take care of her two kids mostly successfully.

Our Values


Even if it’s at our expense, we pride ourselves on doing what is right every time. We have a reputation for being admired, transparent, and respected by clients and candidates we work with because we embody this value.

Being Human

We put people first. People are at the heart of everything we do to ensure this builds rigour around the experiences of everyone. This cascades into dividends in the form of a high-quality talent operation and a successful partnership.


We unite in the mission. Becoming one with your objectives drives us to ensure success and that you are represented or supported in the best possible way. Your objectives become our goals.


We understand the journey of talent acquisition for all parties involved. No matter what side of the function you are on, it is critical that factoring different points of view, experiences and challenges is important for success.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

With a diverse founding team and vast In-House recruitment experience, our founders know what it takes to attract and build a strong DE&I strategy. With our combined experience totalling 30 years, we know a thing or two about attracting diverse talent and the challenges you can face in prioritising DE&I within your organisation.

We don’t believe in doing lip service to DE&I initiatives such as “unconscious bias” training that normalises having biases without emphasising the actions needed to fix them. We believe in helping Founders and Hiring Managers ‘do the work’ and set achievable, measurable and viable targets at all stages of the hiring process.

Not only can we help your company generate partnerships with communities & build pipelines with professionals from underrepresented groups, but we can build systems to ensure inclusivity and equitable processes for underrepresented groups.